Sep. 8th, 2011

nyxelestia: Rose Icon (Default) has launched an Indie Go Go page.

Who they are, in their words: is a start-up publishing venture devoted to writing that breaks the boundaries of original erotic fiction. We will be publishing stories which combine intense sexuality with quality writing. We plan to have fiction in many different genres – contemporary, mystery, historical, western, science fiction, fantasy, romance, adventure, thriller, and horror. Our stories will cover a range of sexual practices, gender and orientations.

In particular, we are interested in expanding the world of publishing in several ways: 1) Freedom of content, 2) Diversity of format, and 3) Community of readers.

Freedom of creative speech is one of our primary focuses. Most traditional publishers have restrictions on content in ways that have limited the expression of erotic storytelling. For example, mainstream publishers usually refuse or restrict any erotic content, and erotic publishers usually limit which themes or types of sexuality can be presented. Most limit content either to avoid "offending" potential customers or because of personal objections to the material. Instead of these approaches, will use content labels (like ingredient labels on food) to allow writers creative expression and the readers to make their own choices of what they do or do not want to read.

Obviously, though, they will run into a lot of problems. For one thing, this will be a business, and any business needs start-up money. But due to the nature of, they will need a little more help:

To put it simply, we need to make sure that all of the legal, bureaucratic and other documentation is in place if we run into a legal challenge. We need a lawyer who will set up our documents to avoid any loopholes that could be used to shut us down and be on retainer to meet any legal challenges. The estimated cost of the set-up paperwork alone is five to ten thousand dollars. Then we will need all the filing fees and usual start up costs for a website publishing venture.


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