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Title: The Dark Side of Honor

Chapter: 1


“Even those who protect honor can fail it.” Everyone has their breaking points, including the K-Unit, one of the best SAS units in Baghdad. But with the dire circumstance that they live in every day, the consequences can be devastating.

R for a reason. Swearing, violence, torture, sexual violence, various vices/addictions, typical army boy misogyny, that sort of thing.

Set vaguely sometime before and/or during Scorpia, though it contains hints to things that happen in the later books, as the story complies with canon (so far - I don't know if that can change upon the release of Crocodile Tears).

Beta: [info]jusmine984 


Because I’m started to get tired of the slight kiddish way most people are starting to depict the K-Unit as, I introduce this fic. Do I think my fic is entirely accurate in terms of military/SAS characterization? No. But, it’ll hopefully be just a little bit closer than most.

Warning: this is going to be a fairly heavy story, enough so that I will advise caution for delicate souls, especially ones that happen to love the K-Unit. You have been warned.

Oh, and, important: the nicknames! They won’t all be animal names. Why? Ask me yourself. Get over it.


Happy Birthday, [info]arithilim!

The Dark Side of Honor
Chapter 01 - HALO:


Chapter 01: HALO )
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 Story: Of Words and Hearts

Fandom: Alex Rider

Summary: Ian's life depends on him keeping a tight leash on his emotions. But maybe a little dancing would be worth enough to let it go. Companion piece to Dancing Sorrows, in Ian's POV. Jack/Ian

Rating: High T/PG-15

Warnings: hints of het (straight sex)

Author's Note: Set a few years pre-canon. Thanks to [info]jusmine984 for the awesome beta job.

Of Words and Hearts )
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Story: Dancing Sorrows

Fandom: Alex Rider

Summary: Start with a heartbroken woman. Add in a cryptic man. Sprinkle in a conversatoin on love, and a heart dose of steps 1-2-3, with a dash of two left feet. Serve on ice. Starring a secret spy and his housekeeper.

Rating: High T/PG-15

Warnings: hints of het (straight sex)

Author's Note: Set a few years pre-canon.

Dancing Sorrows )
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Story: Waiting In The Dark

Fandom: Alex Rider

Summary: Alex comes home from a bad meeting with the heads of MI6. But someone is waiting for him in the darkness. Alex/Wolf, explicit slash. PWP (Porn Without Plot).

Rating: M/NC-17

Warnings: explicit slash (aka red hawt gay sex), slight BDSM


Waiting In The Dark )


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