Jan. 2nd, 2011

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Title: Journey Through a Broken Soul
Summary: It has been months since Arthur's capture and disappearance, and Merlin has spent that time looking for him - and finally found. What he found, though, was a broken prince.
Rating: R
Word Count: 2400
Pairings/Character: Arthur/Merlin, Lancelot
Warnings/Content: Violence, (past) non-con, mental trauma, mentions of slavery
Beta: none
Notes: My computer's been infected and rendered useless...again. Apparently tech guys screwed up last time D:. But, luckily, this was originally written online, anyway, and my mother doesn't use her computer much, anyway, and already knows what I gt up to online - yay open-minded moms!

Journey Through A Broken Soul, Chapter 05 )

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Copied and pasted from the FFN Private Message I originally wrote this in, and a little spruced up to fit the LJ.

Dear Reviewer Who I Also Sometimes Chat With,

I don't owe you any pictures of myself because I told you a character in a fanfic I'm in the process of writing is loosely based off my own appearance (and, seriously, its entire purpose is to mock cameos, anyway!). There is a description, you can fill it in yourself.

Also, it's REALLY fucking creepy that you asked me for it in the first place, so don't get offended just because I pointed that out, along with why I'm uncomfortable with posting up or giving out pictures of myself at all. There are reasons other than "I think I'm ugly" that I may not want to post pictures of myself online. Personally, I'm that apparently non-existent female who happens to be comfortable with her looks - but guess what? My looks are not the issue, here.

Further more, no, you won't get pictures or videos of my toddler cousin EVER. I do not approve of posting pictures of anyone without some indication of consent on their part, whether it's in the form of them saying it's ok, intentionally posing for/taking pictures with the intent to publicize, posting themselves, anything - if I don't know that they're okay with it, I won't do it.

And moreover, I do not approve and will never post pictures or videps of anyone under the age of 6, and I DO think it is wrong to do so, as none of them can comprehend what I'm doing, let alone agree to it. Pictures stay pretty much forever, and what is an innocuous picture now can be latent humiliation for them a decade down the road. (Seriously, teenagers are vicious creatures - no matter how well you think you've got their pictures "locked", if someone is out to hurt them, it won't be hard to find). Oh, and, if latent humiliation isn't bad enough, a further few years after that, their employers are going to see these pictures. I think it's wrong to do that to someone who has no say in what happens to them or their image.

I know not everyone agrees with me - if you want to do it, I don't like it, but fine, there's nothing I can do about it. But don't expect me to do it, either.

So no, you're not EVER getting pictures of my baby cousin just because I loosely based another character off of her. Fuck you and your entitlement - I am glad you like and review my fics, but that only means that I owe you a thank you for the nice and loyal reviews and a general promise of perhaps writing more good fic - and that last one is at a stretch, too. I don't need you to review so that I can write my fic. You are not entitled to me at all.

Frustrated and pissed off,


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