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This is a conlang I made for my [livejournal.com profile] paperlegends fic's universe. While it probably will never get used, I am having a lot of fun making it, so here it is!

The Tengarsa is a language of magic – literally. It’s the language used to make chants and ceremonies and spells, as well as being a language of communication for the Druids and just about any other West European sorcerer, and, in turn, their cultural/colonial descendents (i.e. America, as an ex-colony of Britain). Like English is the most widely spoken trade language, Old Tongue is the most widely spoken magic language.

The language has two parts or modes – the part used for “Spellcraft” and the part used for “Conversation”. It’s the same language, but how you use it changes drastically based on whether you’re doing magic or just chatting.

The language is to magic like what math is to science – it was never created, only notated. Humans discovered long ago (and even still continue to discover to this day) certain words have certain affects when applied to magic, much like certain numbers have certain properties when in science.

Proto-Celtic was a type of Vulgar Tengarsa, derived very incorrectly from the actual language of magic (like many other early/Proto- language forms around the world), and all the other languages since then that descended from Proto-Celtic were related heavily to Tengarsa. Today, one can still find many cognates from Tengarsa to Gaelic languages.

The name “Tengarsa” is from “Tenga Arsa”, and literally means “Old Tongue”.

The Basics of Tengarsa:

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Title: St. Stephen's Island

Summary: Stories are always told about one person, one at a time. But that's not how stories work. They're a bunch of people connected together, moving together, and moving along the story as once. This is the story of a bunch of British doctors making their way in the corrupted American medical system, trying to make it through rough days and rougher nights in the tense environment of a hospital in any way they can, and help as many people as possible - because at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

Rating: Varies

Accumulative Word Count: 5,190

Pairings/Character: Pretty much the entire cast

Warnings: none so far

Notes: This is a collaboration effort between me and [livejournal.com profile] arithilim. The basic story line is a bunch of British doctors participating in a type of exchange program, where Yank docs work in a Brit hospital, and vice-versa, at which point comes in our cast. These are their stories. Few though they are right now, this collection will eventually grow.

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Title: Noble

Summary: When injustices get pushed too far, the only thing left to do is to stand up for what you believe in. But sometimes, that comes at a price.

Rating: PG-13 to R

Accumulative Word Count: 11,100

Pairings/Character: Arthur/Merlin

Warnings: torture

Notes: It started out as a fic idea that came to me in English class while watching The Crucible. It expanded from there.

If you are offended by the use of The Lord's Prayer outside of Church or formal prayer, or by the mixing of Pagan and Christian traditions, please do not read this fic. If you do, then do not take it offensively, as it was not intended as such.


Noble )
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Title: Master and Servant

Summary: This series is a BDSM epic, with Dom!Merlin and sub!Arthur. Merlin is fairly new to BDSM and still somewhat learning, even if learning fast, while Arthur is somewhat experienced, at least in the idea. Both are exploring this new part of their relationship, testing their limits, and finding ever more ways to fuck and things to do.

Overall Rating: NC-17 (all of them are, unless I say otherwise)

Accumulative Word Count: ~20,860

Pairings/Character: Arthur/Merlin

Warnings: kinky sex like whoa

Notes: Seriously, this isn't light bondage, but hardcore BDSM, lifestyle included, if on the edges. Not for the lighthearted. >:) All the titles are various lyrics from the song Master and Servant by Depeche Mode/Nouvelle Vague (depending on version).

If you have concerns over safety and consent in this series, and/or have questions about BDSM and the boys' relationship, please go here. This is where you can ask me any questions. (Warning, though, spoilers for my fic).


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For all things BBC Merlin.

Fandom: Merlin Tag - All posts with the tag for the Merlin Fandom.

One-Shots | Smut | Chaptered Stories | Series Index


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Dude...I haven't even been in this fandom for a whole year and I've already written over 142,000 words. *headdesk* And that's just the published stuff... Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is 107,000 words. Twilight is 115,000 words! Jesus fucking Christ I need to get a life...

ETA: Not only that, but I've got a further 46,00+ words of clippets and 30,500 words of notes on my hard-drive. And this is still not including all the stuff in my notebooks or on GoogleDocs! @_@
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So, before I start on that, a brief blurb on my personal history.

I don't really have much of an idyllic childhood, but then, many people don't. I dealt with it with poetry.

A lot of my poetry has violent and depressing themes. I'm not going to shoot out my school, or kill myself, or others. Please, do not take it seriously, just like people don't take my fic seriously - for me, the dark writing is a sign that I don't have problems because I have found a healthy outlet in which to release all that emotion - my writing.

Now, the poetry!

Poem Type Subject / Summary
War Couplet War, a war, any war - what you really need to know about it (a soldier's heart).
Freedom Monorhyme Quatrain Thought of the Emancipation Proclamation while writing this.
Do You Remember? Simple 4-Line Young love, honeymoon phase of love, early love.
Courage Haiku The real definition of courage.
The Truth About Men Simple 4-Line Comedic misandry (sorry, gents, I love you I really do).
Strange Species Simple 4-Line My perceptions of how humans are so easily capable of healing and of hurting.
Triple Limerick of "Love" Limerick Arthur/Merlin smut.
Epic Adventures in King Arthur's Bed Spenserian Sonnet Arthur/Merlin smut.


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