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I have (finally!) launched my Merlin Tarot Deck project, and I am hosting it on its own GoogleSites webpage, here:

Merlin Tarot Deck

What It Is: The Tarot is a journey, and one of the most famous journeys in Western mythology is that of Arthur and Merlin. This is simply my interpretation of their journey on their quest for a better Camelot, and ultimately the path they (may) take towards a brighter Albion.

All cards are depicted with manipulated graphics from the show, and each card comes accompanied with reflections on the card, both in general and in terms of why I chose its given image or scene for that card.

A snippet, from the Major Arcana page:

Some of the "characters", or cards, in the Major Arcana have roles that stand on their own, and some are more akin to relationships based on the person taking the journey. I spent a long time trying to decide on the Fool - possibly one of the most important cards, as they dictated the entire journey and the rest of the deck - before deciding between two characters for the Fool, Arthur and Merlin. My decision?


This Tarot deck is actually two decks - some cards have only one version, roles which stay the same regardless of whether Arthur or Merlin is the Fool, and some change, based on who it is.

An example is the next two cards after the Fool, 1 The Magician and 2 The High Priestess. The Magician is Merlin, regardless of whether Merlin or Arthur is the Fool. But then there are two High Priestess Cards - if Merlin is the Fool, then Nimueh is the High Priestess, but if Arthur is the fool, then Morgause is the High Priestess.

And some of the cards:

The Fool(s)

00 - The Fool (Arthur)00 - The Fool (Merlin)

The Magician

01 - The Magician
(Fool Neutral / Role-Centric)

And while I don't have the page for them yet, here are the cards for the High Priestesses:

02 - The High Priestess (Arthur: Morgause)02 - The High Priestess (Merlin: Nimueh)
(Arthur's High Priestess)
(Merlin's High Priestess)


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