Oct. 16th, 2011

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I just watched Ep 403 and...


What the ever-loving fuck just happened?

Okay, this season, I was planning to just *NOT* do episode reviews, but after that whammy I don't think I can miss out. I'll post the reviews for eps 1, 2, and 3 soon enough.

In the mean time, a very general/non-spoilery Season 4 and Merlin Review:

I'm in the camp that says while Merlin has been going uphill in everything ranging from acting to filming to special effects since Season 1, in the writing department it's been nothing but downhill. Ever since the end of Season 3, they seemed to have been showing more awareness of their writing pitfalls, from shallow characterization to the way they write women, but the first three episodes are disappointing in that aspect. In light of these first few episodes and taking into account their stated expectations for Season 4, not only am I no longer hopeful, I seriously think these writers are biting off more than they can chew, and don't even realize they are choking as they are backing themselves into a corner.

I have been telling people that Merlin is an exercise in how a show can have shit writers and still be great if it's got everything else. It was only a joke until now.

I love the actors, the effects, everything else about the show - the actors' skills are absolutely superb in this episode. I only hope that in spite of the writing - which undertones from their pre-premier interviews suggest even they are unhappy with - they can keep this show afloat, them and the effects/production managers...because I don't see the writers being of any help any time soon.


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