Sep. 28th, 2011

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Okay, so, I've recently been realizing that a lot of my fics have large swaths of PG/untriggery material, then a few short scenes of something graphic that renders the entire fic unreadable for some. For a while I've been considering reposting some portions of some of my stories with the triggery sections either reduced or cut out altogether. Not all of them, just the ones where reducing or cutting the triggery bits wouldn't damage the story as a whole.

I've also been thinking about my multi-kink fics. They tend to be a wide variety of kinks, but just one or two mentioned in the warnings section and that only appear in one or two scenes can render the whole fic unreadable for some. I'm thinking of editing said stories so that at the beginning of each scene, in a tiny, unobtrusive font that you have to highlight to read, I list out the kinks/potential squicks/triggers so if anyone thinks there is something they will need to avoid in the fic, they can highlight it before hand, read the parts that are fine, and skip the ones that aren't.

What do you guys think about this plan? Good idea, butchering of fic, or just flat-out attention grabbing, or what?
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Bookmarking is becoming such a nightmare, lately. :(

Just transferred from Delicious to Diigo. Two big downsides of Diigo: no tag bundles, and bookmarks are shown from oldest to newest, and there's no way to show it in reverse.

Tag bundles are easy to get around. Order of bookmarks, though...

Vote here to get Diigo's attention to create a function allowing us to switch the viewing order of our bookmarks.

Click that repost button if you are interested in being allowed to view bookmarks in newest-to-oldest order, in trying to improve Diigo to make up for Delicious, or hell just repost this if you are getting sick of the hassle bookmarking is becoming.


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